Capoeira Communities deliver training in Brazilian game of Capoeira to young people and adults from all sectors of the community. We teach in-school during curriculum time and off timetable and run regular independent classes in Norfolk

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A Brief History

Capoeira Communities [CC’s] is an arts outreach organisation that specialise in teaching the Brazilian art-form to children and young people to the highest quality of practice and accessibility. CC’s has developed Capoeira as a compulsory subject in mainstream schools since 2006. Celebrated for its high engagement levels and outcomes of increasing co-ordination, fitness, cultural awareness and confidence! Discover more about creating partnership projects, workshops or performances with us by filling in our booking form to outline your needs. Please note that we are often teaching so we are best reached via email or text.

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We work extensively in schools and have pioneered the professional delivery of Capoeira to hundreds of public and private sector organisations. Our participants include people of complex physical, behavioural and/or mental needs, prisoners, refugees, and travelling communities to name but a few. We offer regular classes, workshops and follow-on projects. We are based in Norfolk, UK.

Formatting for your needs.

We can arrange workshops to suit your needs. We like to work in blocks of one-hour to one- and-a-half hours. We offer single workshops and whole days. We are available for residential stays and international workshops.

A typical day can run up to three long workshops or four intensive workshops. E.g. 4 x 1 hour, 3 x 1.5hours.

This format can run over any period of time; consecutive or random days. Ideal class sizes are 20 participants per instructor. Although contracts can vary considerably.
Please contact us to discuss your schedule for more options.

Ashley, Jo and Sam


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Capoeira Communities provide professional performances and large group demonstrations, adaptable to your needs.

Maybe you need a Capoeira Instructor to collaborate on a creative project, or a group to provide an exciting visual display for your evening.

Please fill in this online form to describe what you would like to do.

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